20/02/20 The key executive director has passed away.

Due to this HDCCTV Europe LTD will not be trading for a month,

In case of an emergency please leave a voicemail at 0872055725 and someone will be in touch.


System Upgrades

Utilise existing infrastructure with the latest technology

Expand on an existing system

New Customers

Already have existing cameras? Should you wish to upgrade your recorder or utilise the extra capacity on your existing one we are happy to accommodate this.
It's common to have adequate cameras but an outdated or non-functional recorder, rather than replacing functional equipment, we will always try to utilise existing equipment where possible to maximise value.

Existing Customers

Our systems can be upgraded to have extra cameras, higher quality cameras, wider field of view, higher storage or enhanced functionality depending on the original package chosen.

Please contact us via the support form or contact us using the details on the bottom of the page so we can discuss your options.

Utilise existing cabling
In cases where a system is being completely replaced we always attempt to recycle the cabling infrastructure from the older system. This lowers the installation costs, speeds up the process and minimises disruption for our customers.
In some cases we can also repurpose existing cables to service multiple cameras by utilising an IP system rather than Analogue. What's the difference?