20/02/20 The key executive director has passed away.

Due to this HDCCTV Europe LTD will not be trading for a month,

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Plate Recognition

 Pick up car registration plates even at night time.

Camera Based
By utilising specialised plate recognition cameras you can record  car registration even at night time. The camera's are equipped with image processing software that allow them to recognise and highlight number plates.
Plate recognition cameras are best combined with standard cameras due to the difference in lighting and software for the best overall view, since plate cameras attempt to capture only the plates themselves rather than surrounding details.
In order for the camera to function correctly in the installation environment there will be an initial period of monitoring & configuration tweaking.
Plate Recognition Server
By complimenting the plate recognition cameras with the Plate Recognition Server the full capabilities of the system are unlocked. Alongside the camera highlighting the plates, the images will then be sent back to the server, which is able to read the images and store the plates in a searchable database.
This allows filtering by time or a partial registration in order to get a timestamp for when the vehicle was seen passing the camera, making it much easier to find an incident.