20/02/20 The key executive director has passed away.

Due to this HDCCTV Europe LTD will not be trading for a month,

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A brief overview of the analytics offered on selected models1.

Standard Analytics
Motion Detection
 By enabling motion detection based recording there are large space savings, since the system can be configured to only save footage when there is movement in the cameras field of view.
Motion detection also powers the Smart Search feature on many of our systems, which allows highlighting of an area during playback in order to only find footage where movement is detected there, narrowing broad searches.
When an object crosses a defined boundary line the system can then enable recording, or capture a snapshot of that moment
Intrusion Detection
This is a more advanced version of the Tripwire, allowing a box to be marked. This can be used to mark an area, and record whenever an object is inside this area.
Advanced Analytics
Face Detection

Face detection will attempt to recognise if there is any human face appearing in the video. When a face is detected, the system will capture the face  for analysis and processing. This allows for quick search by face.

When a face is detected it is also possible to trigger recording or a snapshot.

Heat Mapping

This allows gathering of crowd density statistics over a time range, and then presents the space with different colours to indicate density.

Colour level ranges from blue to red where blue means low density and red means high density

People Counting

This enables gathering the number of people entering and leaving through a specific area of the image.

Data can then be aggregated into reports including daily reports, monthly reports and annual report. 

1 Some configurations do not support standard analytics. Advanced analytics require specialised hardware.