20/02/20 The key executive director has passed away.

Due to this HDCCTV Europe LTD will not be trading for a month,

In case of an emergency please leave a voicemail at 0872055725 and someone will be in touch.


Advantages Over Cloud Based CCTV

Enhanced privacy, no subscriptions and easy storage expansion.


Our systems store data locally on hard drives rather than in the cloud. This ensures sensitive footage is stored securely on premises rather than placing trust in a cloud storage provider.

Optionally multiple hard-drive failover or remote storage solutions can be implemented for extra redundancy.


Unlike a cloud based solution, our systems can operate without an internet connection. Should connectivity be lost, only the ability to view remotely is lost. The ability to record, preview on a connected screen, playback and backup footage are all unaffected.

This is a huge plus as your system can operate independently of HDCCTV Europe, where as with a cloud based solution, should the manufacturer cease to exist or stop supporting your device, major functionality is lost.

Our systems are incredibly flexible due to their support for both existing infrastructure and modern technologies. This allows us to utilise existing cabling and cameras in cases where only a partial upgrade is desired alongside having access to the latest features.
Upgrades of cameras, recorders or storage are all achieved easily by organising a one-off call out.
Subscription Free
Our systems are completely functional without any subscriptions. Our systems hardware is still also priced competitively with cloud based solutions too, with the difference being a one off fee for a recorder instead of a lifetime subscription in order to access basic CCTV functionality.
We do offer an optional maintenance agreement where we keep your system in top condition via engineer call outs, but not accepting one never impacts how our systems operate.